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New Learning PH is the initiative that started from the frustrations of having no backup for education in a post COVID-19 world. New Learning PH is a company that could bridge education and technology, making it safer, efficient, and effective for the sake of teachers, instructors, students, learners, and schools.

Together, we look to improve, enhance, and develop education and the education system in the entire country.


At New Learning PH, you’ll be able to utilize the Moodle platform for no cost; complete with the following features and value-added services:

User-Friendly Dashboards and Easy-to-Use User Interface (UI)

Can’t fully understand how LMS works? The UI and the complete setup of the dashboards and the UIs of New Learning PH are all user-friendly and easy-to-understand. You will never be lost along the way! You will always stay ahead from your competitors and you will be able to administer with ease.

Whether you’re a teacher, a learner, or an administrator, you will never find the UI hard-to-use! In just a few clicks, achieve all the training, courses, and platforms you’re looking to use!

Progress Tracking and Recording

With New Learning PH, there’ll be no need for you to write on paper – everything can be tracked, recorded, and stored in the cloud-based server! You can use the service by uploading the materials and/or lessons, communicating with friends and learners, and even store everything you need to store!

You’ll be able to find everything you need with us – being trusted by schools, companies, and organizations, you can be sure of the qualities and the results we can deliver.

Email Support

Should you have any questions, New Learning PH is just a call or an email away! We’ll answer within the next possible of hour of when our team is available – never leave or have questions hanging!

Automated Platform

You can use the platform to perform the work you need – everything is automated so you can think more and focus on the things that matter the most. Let our system here at New Learning PH handle whatever you need to handle!

Access it Anytime, Anywhere

Wherever you may be as long as you have a browser and a stable internet connection, your staff members will be able to access training and courses! There’s no certain requirement on the operating system, the type of device, or the speed of the Internet.

Experience Personal-Virtual Classes

Want your students to experience personal lessons and training even in a virtual sense? Don’t worry, New Learning PH can hold virtual meetings and lessons in video conferencing systems and tools – complete with everything you need!


We're committed to keeping fees low.


You can register your teachers for an account for free! This way, they’ll be able to use the platform for blended and distance learning.


Do you want to implement LMS in your learning institution? Register for free and enjoy blended learning at no cost!


Expect low rates and charges for DepEd-accredited schools per student on a monthly basis.

Frequently Asked Questions

Please find answers to several FAQs below. If you still have questions, feel free to reach out to us.

New Learning PH is a learning management system (LMS) with a purpose to respond to the COVID-19 situation in the Philippines, addressing the education. It is a project that is built to help specially the schools that are financially challenged to continue teaching their students.
Learning Management System or LMS, is a software that helps in the delivery of distance and blended learning programs. LMS can be in a wide variety of formats like experiential, social learning, and formal learning.
The LMS that is used is Moodle, and New Learning PH will build your own LMS environment. It will show the name of your school, your school logo, and school pictures.
Here with us at New Learning PH, you can get the service by simply contacting us, fill out a form and we will send you a quotation along with a demo account.
Absolutely! We will send you a free demo for you to use and experience our LMS platform. All you need to do is to contact us and fill out a form! You’ll be given two (2) demo accounts – one is for the teacher and one is for a student.

Via the teacher account, you will be able to have a simulation on how you can create, upload, and publish content on the platform.

On the other hand, accessing the student account will give you the chance to do a simulation about the different lessons, activities, submitting quizzes, assignments, and the like.

You won’t have to worry – it’s completely free!
The main advantage of working with us here at New Learning PH is that everything is made simple and user-friendly. With just a few clicks, you will be able to upload your course materials. We will take care of the technical stuff, so you can focus on the creation of the content of your course materials.
The effectiveness and the success of the LMS that we offer here at New Learning PH will depend on the creativity of the teachers handling the courses. The LMS has many features that can be used even for kids from pre-school, and up the university level. The New Learning PH program was designed to be able to cater to the needs of all students in different levels.
It can be for this purpose only but the LMS that New Learning PH offers is to provide blended and distance learning to students and learners. It can be combined with face-to-face learning as well.
Before schools and other learning institutions register, we would require teachers to have an online demo first. This is for them to be familiar in terms of navigating through the platform. This reduces errors that can cause short and long-term problems in utilizing the platform.
One of the many advantages that New Learning PH has over its competitors is the fact that schools will have sub-domains under New Learning PH.

When you avail of our services, we can tailor the sub-domain of your school. This is how it will look like:
[NAME OF SCHOOL].newlearningph.com
You may contact us for the pricing. Email at askus@newlearningph.com
You may pay on a monthly basis. But we will ask the first payment upon the enrolment of students to the LMS platform.
We had the small schools in mind when we built this LMS platform. Knowing the current situation we all are in, charging fees for teachers and schools would make it more difficult for them. By allowing them to use it for free, we know that the schools can continue their advocacies in teaching the future of this country.


Learn Moodle CMS by watching videos. Click the playlist icon on the top right of the video to see more tutorials.

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